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Translating traditional codes of conduct into the modern day, Divine Florals provides guidance on everything you need to plan the perfect day.




A realistic budget should be decided upon at the outset, and frank discussion is therefore imperative.  An early decision on the budget will smooth the planning stages. Once the budget is set,  creativity can begin.


Clever budgeting

By recording all estimated and real costs, an overall picture of expenditure levels can be monitored – most couples change their mind several times as to exactly what they want and how much they are willing to allocate to any given aspect, so a concrete budget right at the beginning is unrealistic.

Budget priorities

There are two key mantras to bear in mind: prioritize and compromise. Think about what is essential, what is unnecessary, and the areas where costs can be cut. Be assured that however much the budget is, it will never be enough, so even those with large amounts of money to spend will be restricted. Costs should never be underestimated.

It is a good idea to identify the most important elements of the day at the outset – for example, the reception venue, the dress, and the quality of the wine and most importantly your flowers.  

Elaborate food will make a dent in even the most generous budgets, but as a bad dinner will be something that guests remember, the answer may be to choose quality over quantity. A delicious simple main course and desert will be much more enjoyable than a mediocre five-course lunch.

Preparing the provisional budget

First, agree on a total provisional cost. Input from significant people such as parents and children should be taken into account.


Finalizing the Budget

As costs are finalized, a record should be kept of the total sum.  Now it is simply a matter of balancing the books. When a saving is realized, the amount saved can be allocated to a different area, and likewise wherever the budget is exceeded, a saving must be made in another area, or extra cash found.

Quotations and Costs

Most suppliers of services will provide the customer with an estimate for their services. It is important to be aware of the difference between an estimate (just that) and a quotation (the real amount to be paid, which is set in stone). The final budget should, of course, be prepared only after acquiring quotations, rather than relying on estimates that may no longer reflect the extent of the service being provided.

A large event such as a wedding requires careful organization; chaotic paperwork will only add to pre-wedding stress. All correspondence, quotations and receipts should be kept, and a note made of deposits paid, when balances are due, and sums outstanding.



Whether you are just engaged or approaching the big day, Divine Florals Wedding Consultancy offers impartial and expert advice on all areas of planning your wedding. Please contact us on (240) 847-4938 or email for more information.



Wedding Consultancy


Day-of Wedding Coordinator – For couples to ensure that their wedding has been planned to perfection, Divine Florals offers the option of securing a Day Wedding Coordinator.  


Day-of planning at a glance

Formulation of wedding-day timeline and distribution to all vendors.

Coordination of all wedding professionals selected by bride and groom.

Conducting the wedding rehearsal the day before.

Coordinating all activities, including:

  • Assisting the bride and wedding party with dressing, photo schedules.

  • Guiding the bridal party through processional and recessional.

  • Checking details both big (final head count for caterer, number of place settings) and small (placement of favors, menus and napkin folds).

  • Checking floor plans, lighting levels, cake placement.

  • Cueing all wedding professionals.

  • Collection of gifts and personal items, inventory and safe removal. “The coordinator is usually the last person to leave".

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