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Signature Weddings. Stylish Events.


Mission Statement - Providing a floral experience that will bring joyful memories that will touch the heart and last a lifetime.


Finishing Touches
Day-of Wedding Coordinator – For couples to ensure that their wedding has been planned to perfection, Divine Florals offers the option of securing a Day-of Wedding Coordinator.   


Divine Florals is passionate to work with you to create an individualized event that is reflective of your personal style.

Birthdays seldom require a professional event manager, but there are exceptions. Find out how event managers can help make your party a success.

Anniversaries are designed to celebrate the wonderful milestones in a couple's life together.  Divine Florals & Events will inspire ideas and solutions to help you plan your significant event.

Divine Florals is more than just flowers. We are a floral design firm and lifestyle brand that infuses event planning, and interior design creativity from Divine Inspiration. Our Inspirational designs includes lighting and embellishments, and an exciting array of floral arrangements that will leave an undoubtable impact on you and your guests.
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